Interview Tips

Interview Don'ts - Steer clear of these common blunders:

  1. Don't Get Caught Unprepared - Bring copies of your resume, clips and references. A pen and a pad is also a must.

  2. Don't Recite Your Resume Word for Word-Rather than tell them what they already know, point out specific accomplishments or projects you are proud of.

  3. Don't Fib About Your Job History-Whether you were fired, laid off or quit. Be honest, stay positive and move on.

  4. Don't Jump the Gun-Salary, vacation days and benefits should only be brought up by your employer-if and when he/she wants to hire you.

Interview Etiquette 101- From What to Wear to Thank-You Notes:

  1. Attire - An interview outfit should be clean, pressed, low-key and professional.

  2. Greeting - A firm handshake, positive eye contact and a bright smile are essential when greeting your interviewer.

  3. Proper Body Language - Lean forward towards the interviewer and maintain eye contact, occasionally breaking it to convey interest.

  4. Thank You Note - Taking the time to send a thank you note is not only good manners but can make a lasting impression. Handwritten is best.

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